Again innocent victims have been attacked, this time an ambush on our NYFD…. The men that we owe a great deal to, the ones whom put our lives before their own. This morning during a fire that looks like an ambush, four upstate NYFD were shot at by a felon. A man that killed his grandmother with a hammer in the 80’s. He was released and until now has been law abiding or so we think, has again committed a hanious crime. He shot at the firefighters that were their to save property and any victims. Instead they were greeted with bullets. Five were shot, (2) fire fighters were killed, and (2) were injured. A bystander was also injured.

While the NRA and our politicians play the game of which weapons to ban, and or which gun laws should be implemented we continue to have tragedies such as these. We have politicians discussing mental health as an issue, and being part of the problem of some of these crimes, we cannot allow them to place blame, and point fingers. We must stand for what’s right. We shall not allow the few to destroy our society. Again I continue to plead to the masses that we must change our culture, and stop waiting for our law makers to come up with a solution.

Empowerment over our own future is vital today. Not tomorrow if we continue as we are there will not be a future for our children or grandchildren. We need to educate our children, we need to address any anger issues they may have at an early age. We must ensure that our homes are free from violence amongst each other, this is the first step. The first step to changing our society. How else can we move on without this change.

David Sirota of finally addressed a theory that I thought would never be publicly addressed. He dared that since 70% of these mass shootings are done by white males, should it be time for that population to be profiled? He noted as so many of us have that if these shootings were committed by an African American male then he would be a hooligan, or a thug. If it were that of a middle eastern/Islamist then is would be an act of terrorism.

When Timothy McVeigh bombed the Federal Building in Oklahoma, was that not an act of terrorism by a white male non Islamic? The Aurora Colorado shooting, looks like an act of terrorism to me, since it was a direct attack on innocent people. When will the government begin to realize that we do have home grown terrorism, and a violence against Americans by Americans that has yet to be explained.

We are not killing each other for food, or better way of life. We are not attempting to free us from oppression. The killing in the US is for sport, and it needs to stop.

Lets stop this senseless killings NOW!!!!!

Gun Violence, how it impacts all of US

Where doI begin, I feel as if our voices are not loud enough to get noticed. We continue to go through tragedies like that of this past week. 27 innocent people dead in one city, in what is supposed to be a SAFE area. We are unable to go to the movie theater and not wonder if another shooting will occur. We are not able to sleep in peace because we don’t know if our loved ones will have a breakdown and choose to kill.

This is not a way to live in fear. Reports continue to pour in that the sales of weapons have increased by the hundreds, this is not the way to protect our children. NRA said that the only way to protect is a good guy with a gun. I disagree, I believe that we can and should be able to collect, and own weapons for certain sports. I do not feel that we should have access to high powered ammunition.

My crusade has been that of ending Domestic Violence, the violence that is a silent killer. The violence that cannot be diagnosed, and oh so often the signs, and symptoms are often over seen. Many of Domestic Violence victims have no clue how to seek help, and so many times are too ashamed to admit that they are being abused.

Killings that involve a weapon weather it is a so called random robbery which my mother was murdered earlier this year, or a husband/wife/lover killing the other, or a random shooting which no one can figure out why this person went on a killing rampage.

We look to stricter guns laws, and I don’t feel it will make a difference. There will always be a way for a person who wishes to do harm, get a weapon. As in Newtown, CT he was able to obtain his mothers weapons before he went on a shooting spree.

Some feel that by arming themselves will protect them. Well during the Columbine shooting there was an armed officer, that did not stop him. My mother had a weapon at her place of business, and that did not help her either.

I dont have the answer as to what should happen with the gun laws, what I do know is that we as a society are failing us. We have no one to blame but us. It doesn’t matter which group is profiled, is doesn’t matter what laws are passed in legislation. What matters is that we change ourselves. Until that happens we will continue to have the violence against one another as we have seen in the last 30 days.


I recently applied to adopt a Great Dane, the application was lengthy at best, it required a great deal of detail of my habits and personal life. The background process was just as stringent. They went back over five years to my previous Vet to get details on my pet, and to see if I purchased heart worm medication. They contacted all of my references, and ensured that I was an outstanding citizen.

I say this to say that, I have never attempted to purchase a weapon even thought I am in the Military and am very capable of handling one. I am sure that when his mother applied to obtain these weapons the background check probably only limited to whether or not she had a felony, or domestic dispute in her record. If there was someone calling around, or doing a home visit such as the one I had to see if my home was suitable to a Great Dane, would it have made a difference if she was able to purchase the weapons that she was able to purchase? These are things that I wonder in the wake of the tragedy that has over come us once again due to gun violence, at the hand of someone whom we later hear reports of their mental instability.



Operation Transition to survive launched December 2012, in order to assist Springhaven Domestic Violence Shelter, in Elizabethtown, KY. Riders Against Domestic Abuse (RADA), was established October of 2008, in Maryland, with a vision of bringing awareness to local and national communities on the importance of Domestic Violence. Since 2008, RADA has grown to over 13 states around the nation with over 26 volunteers. Each state has successfully assisted local shelters and centers with Emergency Kit items such as toiletries, monetary and volunteer hours.

Operation Transition to Survive 2013 Goal is to obtain a minimum of 5 beds per month, donated by local businesses and personal donation from the community. We will begin our mission by setting up a cash mob in Radcliff, KY first followed by Elizabethtown, KY.

If you are interested in assisting with the cash mob, and or assisting with donations, please email us at